Team(s): Mavs
Stats: 128 G, 25.9 PPG, 10.3 RPG, 2.6 APG, 24.7 PER
Playoff accolades: 1x NBA Champion (in two Finals appearances), 1x Finals MVP
Playoff highlights

Prior to 2011, Dirk's playoff legacy was tied dually to the Mavericks' collapse in the 2006 Finals and their subsequent first round loss at the hands of the No. 8 seeded Warriors the following season. However, now that he has a ring, we can take a bit more of a long view and appreciate how good Dirk has been in the playoffs throughout his career. His PER ranks ninth all-time, as does his 25.9 points per game average. His .893 free throw percentage trails only Steve Nash for the best in playoff history, and Dirk has accomplished this figure while averaging over five more attempts per game than his former teammate. Throw in a title and Finals MVP award in 2011, and you quickly realize that Dirk is one of the best playoff performers we've ever seen.