Team: Philadelphia 76ers
Stats: 81 G, 45.5 MPG, 24.1 PPG, 24.2 RPG, 7.8 APG
Player Efficiency Rating: 26.5

Wilt's second of three consecutive MVPs was one of his most impressive in that he also finally managed to pair his gaudy stats with excellent overall team success. He drastically reduced the number of shots he attempted per game, taking just 14.2 per game when only two years earlier he was taking 33.6 per game and six years earlier was averaging an astonishing 39.5 per night. He showed an impressive ability to facilitate as well, posting the second-highest assist total of his career and leading his 76er team to a then-record 68-13 record. Wilt's .683 shooting percentage was the second-highest in NBA history, bested only by his .727 mark in 1972-73 (when he took about half as many shots per game).