Listed height: 5'10"
Years: 1949-60
Team(s): Lakers, Knicks, Hawks

Career statistics: 745 G, 9.8 PPG, 3.4 RPG, 4.2 APG

Championship teams are always known for featuring leaders with a hard mettle and tough defensive mindset. Slater Martin represented this to the fullest. During his playing days in the '50s, Martin was known for being an exceptional defender. His toughness could be encapsulated in this quote after warning competitor Bob Cousy about palming:

“I told him that if he did that again that I would break his nose. He didn’t do it again.”

Martin is best known for playing on the Minneapolis Lakers team built around George Mikan that won four NBA championships between 1950 and 1954. The Hall of Famer also made seven consecutive All-Star teams from 1953-1959.