Ralph Lauren has made billions by having good taste, and as owner of one of the world's most impressive car collections, we expect him to get around in some pretty nice metal. Most recently, he's been spotted in a RUF CTR-3, which might just be one of the greatest Porsches ever made.

The Porsche Cayman, due to its mid-engined, as opposed to the 911's rear engined, layout has always felt like it was actually the better car, but Porsche was holding it back, so that it wouldn't usurp the much more expensive 911. RUF, the German company that builds new cars into Porsche bodies and chassis, created the CTR-3 out of the Cayman, and we really want to try one out.

The CTR-3 has been upgraded to hypercar status by a 750 hp engine that lets the CTR-3 manage the 0-60 sprint in 3.1 seconds and a top speed of 233 mph. Lauren dropped about $570,000 on this ride.

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[via Matt Agudo and Hamptonsgrind.com]

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