Ok, so you knew the 2013 Shelby GT500 was sitting on 650 fire-breathing horses, but did you know that it was also a certified Dyno killer?

The incident took place when a man at Expo Performance 24 in Quebec decided to test the limits (and horsepower) of his brand spankin' new Shelby GT500. He casually rolled the car onto the Dyno, let the machine warm-up for a couple seconds, and then mashed the gas pedal to the floor.

All was fine and good until, after about a minute, the dyno suddenly burst into flames, sending the car slamming to the ground with its rear wheels spinning at 7500 rpm.

No word on the cause of the accident or condition of the car, but from the looks of it this guy will probably be looking at a hefty repair bill.

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[via CarBuzz]