On Valentine's Day, Allen Iverson found himself in the middle of a riot that divided Hampton, VA (his hometown) along race lines and was the subject of an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary: No Crossover. It was an event that could've completely destroyed the future No. 1 overall pick's NBA career when he was given a 10-year sentence. Instead he was let off by Virginia's governor after four months, but was forced to finish his high school career at a school for "troubled" youths.

In December, boxer Tommy Morrison (who both won and lost the WBO title in 1993) punched an Iowa student for "staring at him," which is not only a ridiculous justification for whooping someone's ass, but also, probably hurt like hell. Morrison pled guilty to assault and public intoxication charges. His was ordered to pay a $310 fine but did not have to serve jail time.