Say hello to Kia. She should probably be dead right now. About a month ago, she was trapped inside of a Buick that was towed to an impound lot in Kansas City because it was parked illegally. But no one knew that she was inside, and no one came to claim the car. So she sat and sat and sat some more…until someone finally rescued her on Monday. The three-month-old dog spent about 30 days inside of the car with no fresh food or water and miraculously managed to survive.

So how did she do it? From the sound of things, by being very, very resourceful. She polished off some leftover McDonald's scraps first. Then, she chewed through some old cigars. And finally, she resorted to eating whatever trash she could find in the car. Fortunately, it sounds like the inside of the Buick was a pigsty, so she was able to find enough stuff to eat to hold her over until she was finally found. But it's still a miracle that she survived.

"Without an appreciable amount of water," a local vet said, "it's pretty miraculous for a puppy to survive three weeks in a car. Physiologically it's possible, depending on what she was eating to survive on. But it's really stretching the outer limits of what's possible."

You can say that again. Now, who in the world left Kia in the car and then never came to get her? Whoever it was could have killed her and should be charged with a crime.

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[via The Kansas City Star]