That dude that blew past you on the court? Maybe it’s his skills—or maybe it’s just that he had the right underwear on, and you didn’t. Seriously, bruh. If you’re wearing the same underwear in the gym as you are at work, Jockey says you’re doing yourself a disservice.

“Guys often overlook underwear as an important performance factor,” says Dustin Cohn, Chief Marketing Officer at Jockey. “Your underwear is that first line of defense; If it isn’t comfortable—and doesn’t breathe well, dry quickly, and protect against odor—your outerwear won’t perform well, either. Wearing the right underwear for the job makes all the difference.”

Jockey has spent more than a century perfecting what may be the most critical part of a man’s wardrobe—his underwear—and the brand’s latest innovation is the Jockey® Sport underwear collection. This underwear is legit. In fact, no other underwear tested fights odor better or dries faster to help keep you cooler.

Jockey doesn't joke around when it comes to its performance design. The Sport underwear collection is constructed using cutting-edge body scanning and sweat pattern research, to further fine-tune the underwear's moisture wicking, odor control, and antimicrobial properties. Jockey even took its Pro Performance line to a world-renowned biomechanics lab, where, using a 1.3 million-pixel camera that captures 1,000 frames per second, it analyzed the underwear on real athletes to gauge speed, range of motion, agility, and power. The end result of all this research and hard work is underwear that dries faster, keeps you cooler, and helps your game.

On a more personal note: Let’s talk stink control. Guys stink more than they think. Just take a whiff of your gym clothes after a workout, and you’ll see what we mean. But Jockey’s got it covered. All Jockey Sport underwear styles feature anti-microbial fabrication, which provides odor protection. So be good to your manhood. As Jockey puts it: Smell like victory, not your friend Victor.

The Jockey Sport underwear collection is available in three unique styles: The Jockey® Microfiber Performance line, with a smooth, flexible fit; Jockey® Cotton Performance, which elevates the fiber's familiar comfort to a higher level of moisture management; and the Jockey® Pro Performance line, featuring low-friction seaming, high-mobility, and ultimate support.

By the way, Jockey is looking for everyday athletes—guys who don’t get paid to work out or compete, but who do it because they love it—to join the Jockey Everyday Athlete team. Sign up at or follow the program on Twitter at #EverydayAthlete.

So, the next time you’re ready to get your sweat on, do yourself a favor and throw on a pair Jockey Sport underwear. You’ll see what we’re talking about.