Derek Thayer's pickup truck looks like complete crap right now. And it should look like complete crap. After all, the truck was picked up, flipped over, and eventually thrown back to the ground on Monday afternoon during the crazy tornado that hit Moore, OK. Like most of the people in the area, Thayer is going to have to go through his insurance company to get some money to buy a new truck because his ride is totaled.

But when he goes to buy a new truck, he should probably get whatever brand of truck he already had. That's because despite all the damage that his old truck sustained in the tornado, it still started right up for him when he put his key in the ignition the other day. Even though the body of the truck has definitely seen better days, the engine is still in working condition.

Can you believe that? It's one of the many small miracle stories that we're starting to hear out of Oklahoma.

[via ABC 15]