Consider this paradox: the very state that saw the Wright Brothers take flight is now considering legislation that would ban Tesla, the first domestic car manufacturer to launch fully electric vehicles, from selling cars in the state.

The proposed law, which has already been approved by the State's Senate Commerce Committee, would make it illegal for auto manufacturers to sell directly to the public. This would have an adverse effect on Tesla because, unlike every other car sold in America, Teslas are currently made available to the public via a network of Tesla Stores, not franchised dealerships. 

Essentially, Tesla CEO Elon Musk doens't want his groundbreaking Model S sold along side the likes of the less-than-unbelievable Ford Focus or the kind-of-electric Chevy Volt

Hopefully, lamwmakers in North Carolina will pull their heads from their asses and realize that it might be beneficial to the state's economy to allow the most groundbreaking car since the Model T to be sold within state lines. Just sayin'.

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[via Business Insider]