What's your day-to-day life going to be like in the fall now that you won't be enrolled in school?

I got a lot mapped out. I'm gonna be working with producer M. Stacks. I'm dropping my mixtape June 1. Shooting another video within the next week for one of my songs "Winning." I'm gonna leak that off the next tape. In June, I'm gonna be working with Philly B and stuff. I'm actually planning on dropping a single with DeSean Jackson in June, too.

Oh, with DeSean Jackson? 

Yeah, I was in contact with Philly B and then he got in contact with a couple people and got me to him. I haven't directly talked to him yet but it's in the making right now so...we were just making a whole bunch of songs. You know?

Do you have a name for the mixtape that's dropping June 1? 

Yeah, the mixtape dropping June 1 is Camp Life.

And that title is in reference to your crew, right? How many people are in SquadThaCamp?

About 15.

Are they going be featured on the mixtape? Or is this just going to be a solo project?

I mean, I got people. My one boy does mixing and engineering. I got another boy who's going to handle my e-mails. Everyone plays their own part in the group.

So not everyone in your crew raps.

Yeah. Well, I got my little brother, Tyon, we call him "Young Smooth" and when I get on, I plan to put him on. So we got two artists in there doing their thing.

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