Have you heard directly from any college or pro athletes, rappers or producers since your decision?

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Who have you heard from? What's some of the advice that they've been giving you?

I don’t even really remember half of people's names, I got flooded with e-mails. But I mean the producer M. Stacks, he's worked with me and he just told me "keep it up," and he's sending me beats and stuff. Philly B, he reached out to me, he told me to "keep grinding." I'm planning to work with him over the summer. And then, uh, a couple people from the Michigan State team, like Kyle Kerrick. He reached out to me. He just said "keep doing your thing, if this is really what you're heart is into then run with it." So I mean I got a lot of support, from multiple people and stuff.

Have the coaches at your school said anything to you about it?

My coach [Michael Matta], he supports me 100 percent. I mean, obviously he wants to see me going to college but he just wants to see me graduate school and just be successful and if this is what I want to do, he's gonna be behind me 100 percent. 

You mentioned that you got hate from people over your decision. What do you say to those saying you're making a huge mistake?

What I say to those people saying I'm making a huge mistake is worry about the mistakes that they make in their life 'cause this isn't theirs. That's all I gotta say to them. They keep on hating on me and that made me famous today.

What do you have to say to those who suggest that you could've had time for school, football, and your rap career?

What I got to say to them is: I can always go back to college, I'm only 18. I can go back to college if I want to but it's not like...I'm not gonna go and shame the name of MSU football by being a Division I athlete and then rapping about what I rap about. You can't do that. If I went up there they would not allow me to rap the way I rap, they would not allow me to do the things I do. It's just natural, people forget that it doesn't work that way. It's not like I can just go up there and play football and rap. It doesn't work like that.

What NFL player would you say you most resemble on the field?

DeSean Jackson. 


I can do them chill beats like Wiz do, I can give you some up-tempo shit like Meek, and I can go creative like Lil Wayne.


Okay. And how so?

I'm smaller, fast, I get open, and I'm a big playmaker.

What rapper would you say you pattern your style after?

I never try to sound the same on every track. My influences in rap would be Wiz, Meek, Curren$y,  Chief Keef, and Lil Wayne. Those are my influences but who I sound like, it depends on what kind of beat I get, 'cause I can do them chill beats like Wiz do, I can give you some up-tempo shit like Meek, and I can go creative like Lil Wayne. It's my own style I don't really resemble anyone. 

You mentioned a few rappers there, how does each of them influence you?

I grew up listening to Lil Wayne. He's creative and he's not scared to try new things. 

Wiz influences me because he's straight outta PA, he started his own Taylor Gang movement and that's kinda what I'm trying to do with this SquadThaCamp movement. I just see his work ethic, he did everything himself from the ground up, so that's basically what I'm trying to do. 

Curren$y, he appeals to a lot of different crowds. You know what I mean? 'Cause I'm not a gangster rapper. It isn't for like the hood-type people who are out there selling drugs and all that shit. I don't rap like that. I'm from the suburbs so I rap about shit, smoking weed, what we do out here. You know, and that's Curren$y. He's one of the realest people and that's why I try to keep it real like him. He just talks about his real life.

As far as Chief Keef, I'm a year older then Chief, so like, I just see how he worked and age isn't really a factor nowadays. So I mean if he was 16 and able to do it, put in the work, then get famous, get all the money that he's got. I mean that just influences me that like, the rap game has no age limit. If you really about it then you can do it.

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