Years: 2007-2012
Strengths: Superior talent, fitness, service
Weaknesses: Impossible expectations, injuries

Let's get one thing straight: Beckham's contract was not actually for $250 million. That number came from his own PR firm and represented the maximum possible amount it could be worth. His actual salary was about $6.5 million per year. In any case, Beckham's career in MLS got off to an inauspicious start when he entered his first season with the Galaxy carrying a foot injury and later injured his MCL. Fans began to turn on him in 2009 as he extended his loan with AC Milan into the MLS regular season, and a year later tore his Achilles' tendon while on a second loan there. His 2011 MLS season was by far his most successful, as he was second in the league in assists and led the Galaxy to an MLS Cup victory, then helped guide them to a repeat title in 2012. While he ended on a high note and was dominant when on the field, Beckham's MLS career was largely unsuccessful due to his inability to stay healthy.