Appeared InFast & Furious (2009)


Although Dom shows up in this car at the end of Tokyo Drift and says he got it from Han, the events portrayed in Fast and Furious are supposed to chronologically take place BEFORE the events of Tokyo Drift. Perhaps this is why in Fast and Furious, this car apparently belongs to Letty.

In any case, unlike Tokyo Drift, this wasn't actually the infamous real-life Road Runner known as Hammer. Instead, two Plymouth Satellites and another Road Runner were dressed up to pretend to be Hammer. The Satellites were both decimated during production, but the Road Runner is safely sitting in storage. Movie engine specs had it as a Chrysler 440ci V8 with a Holley carb. The only appearance mod made was the addition of 18" Raceline rims, since Hammer looks plenty badass on its own.