Appeared In: Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

Dom (Vin Diesel) + classic Mopar 4 evar. This gorgeous 'Cuda only makes a brief appearance at the end of the movie, but if prior entries in the F&F franchise are anything to go by, it'll be back in Fast & Furious 7 in 2014, which shot back-to-back with 6. Since it only makes a cameo appearance and isn't destroyed in any way, what you're looking at is probably the most brilliantly modified 'Cuda ever built. It was borrowed from the Autotopia collection, and was built by Dave Salvaggio at Salvaggio Automotive Design. The appearance mods are subtle, but the engine is a beautiful Arruzza Hemi with twin four-barrel carbs. We'd love to see this rolling work of art in person.