Remember the Tesla supercharger? It's the gas station replacement that will fully charge a model S in 30 minutes and is denoted by an obelisk that looks like a high end sex toy. Well, Tesla is going to erect a large number of supercharger stations across the continent, making it possible to drive your Model S to just about any place you'd want to go to, and many that you don't.

By the end of the month, there will be more superchargers in California, Northwestern coverage all the way up into Canada, stops between Austin and Dallas, in Illinois, Colorado, and up and down the Eastern seaboard. In six months the network will cover "most of the major metro areas in the US and Canada, including expansion into Arizona, additional stations in Texas, Florida, and the Midwest, stations connecting Ottawa to Montreal, and across North and South Carolina into Georgia." Driving from New York to LA will be possible at this point. In a year's time, the network will cover "almost the entire population of the US and Canada" and should allow most road trips to be possible.

Of course, you will be stuck with mandatory 20 to 30 minute charging breaks, which is good for your health and bad for your schedule. It's your call, as long as you can afford a Model S in the first place.

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[via Tesla Motors