In March, we made a list on the greatest mysteries in sports history. Maybe we should add the uncertainty over when exactly Derrick Rose will return to the court for the Chicago Bulls. You see, the fans, coaches and D. Rose himself don't know the answer to that question. As recent as this past Saturday, Rose said, "Who knows? It's still up in the air." Yeah, that's probably not what Bulls fans want to hear. 

With the Bulls starting up a big match-up against the Miami Heat tomorrow, a return by Rose would be momentous. But don't hold your breath because according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, D. Rose already knows that he will not be returning at all this postseason and Wojnarowski claims that "his choice has been made to sit out the season and it includes no provisions for turning back." 

As Wojnarowski also mentions, with Bulls fans already starting to turn on Rose, maybe it's time to stop toying with the emotions of the loyal fans game in and game out, and just be straight-forward. Yes, they'll be mad but it's like a band-aid. Just pull the damn thing off and move on with the rehab. 

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