His name has obviously been sullied beyond repair at this point. But once upon a time, O.J. Simpson was a hell of a football player for the Buffalo Bills. So recently, a Bills superfan decided to pay homage to The Juice by getting a gigantic tattoo of him on his upper thigh. Crazy? Yeah. But like we said, this guy apparently loves his Bills.

So what kind of tatt did he end up getting? O.J. taking a handoff? O.J. posing with his Heisman Trophy? O.J. celebrating a TD? Nah, son. Instead, he went ahead and got a tatt of O.J.'s mugshot. Yep, his mugshot! If you need a refresher, we've included a photo of it in the thumbs gallery above.

We don't know why he thought this was a good idea. Or why he decided to get it done on his upper thigh. Or why he couldn't have found a better photo to tattoo on his body. But we do know that it's one of the most ridiculous NFL fan tattoos that we've ever seen.

You are a true super fan, sir, and a way braver guy than any of us. Enjoy living with that thing on your leg for the rest of your life.

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[via Sports Kings]