About five or six years ago, Colts defensive end Bjoern Werner had never played a game of real football. You see, he's from Germany, where the sport of American football isn't readily accessible. So how did he learn the game and, eventually, become talented enough to turn himself into a first round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft? He played Madden. Lots and lots of Madden.

"I knew every NFL star when I was 12, 13, or 14," he admitted during a radio interview in Indianapolis this week. "I learned every team, every player in the game, and I always created my little All-Star games, All-Star teams."

We're not sure if that makes Colts fans too confident in their first round pick out of Florida State. But it does give you a pretty good excuse to keep playing Madden the next time your girl tries to get you to shut off the game. "Leave me alone," you can yell, "I'm training for the NFL!"

Hey, it worked for Werner. It could happen!

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[via Shutdown Corner]