Sport: Football
Team(s): Miami Dolphins
Champion: Super Bowl VII (1973) and Super Bowl VII (1974)
Offense: Drug trafficking
Sentence: 22 years, served four years.

Those who were in Miami during the '80s or at least watched Cocaine Cowboys know that the most lucrative profession was drug dealing. Not being a football player in the NFL. Former Dolphins running back "Mercury" Morris knew this and made a not-so-smooth transition into becoming a street pharmacist.

Police raided the Morris' home in the summer of '82 and discovered a large quantity of cocaine, a stack of cash, and an assortment of firearms. Morris was charged with drug trafficking and did almost four years in prison before a judge declared he was "unfairly prohibited from presenting certain testimony at his trial." Now a free man, Morris has taken full advantage of his second chance at life by becoming the noble, self-appointed blowhard for the '72 perfect season Miami Dolphins.