You may have laughed at the notion a couple of years ago, but the L.A. Clippers really have become a formidable challenge for supremacy against the fabled Lakers. Obviously the history isn't there yet, but two dudes by the name of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are doing their part to make people pay attention to the Staples Center floor when it's not painted purple and gold. We think the next few years will be extremely telling as far as who can make the claim for top dog in La La Land.

The same goes for the battle that's begun to brew in Gotham. The Nets signed some big names and opened their new home in Brooklyn this season, and immediately their rivalry with the Knicks has taken on a narrative of its own. Fans are taking sides, lines are being drawn, and entertainment is high. With the Celtics, Lakers, and Spurs on their way to rebuilding phases, these new rivalries are taking the league by storm and creating some very intriguing storylines.