"We're very close to the end of March Madness. So close to the end of it that we are now, in fact, in April"–David Letterman

Michigan and Louisville will face off for the championship this Monday to bring March Madness to a close. The end will bring a sense of relief to some and sadness to others, even though it's certain we'd probably go clinically insane if the event lasted more than a month. Highlights include Wichita State's upset of Gonzaga, the emergence of Dunk City, and Mitch McGary's presence on the court. At the center of the tournament were moments of pure badassery, which we've collected to help some of you basketball faithful cheer up a little. We present the Most Badass Moments of the 2013 NCAA Tournament in GIFs.

And also, chin up. The NBA Playoffs are around the corner.

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