Stats: 18.9 PPG 6.1 APG 5.9 RPG
Accomplishments: 1968 All-Rookie Team, 7x All-Star, 6x All-NBA, 7x All-Defense, Member of Hall of Fame
Teams: Knicks, Cavs

Clyde was the complete package. His mid-range jumper was killer, his defense was all-time great, he ran a flawless offense, and he had Red Holzman for a coach. Frazier also enjoyed every minute of being a star. Five decades later, and his style is still well-known, whether you agree with it or not. Walt was the engine that fed fellow Hall of Famer Willis Reed and helped the Knicks win their only two titles in '70 and '73, beating the Logo and Wilt Chamberlian's Lakers both times. He and Earl the Pearl Monroe formed one of the greatest backcourts in history.