Stats: 19.5 PPG 11.2 APG 5.5 RPG 1.9 SPG
Accomplishments: 1980 All-Rookie Team, 12x All-Star, 3x MVP, 10x All-NBA, 5x Champion, 3x Finals MVP, 4x Assists Leader, 2x Steals Leader, Member of Hall of Fame
Teams: Lakers

Whoever thinks Magic Johnson isn't the greatest point guard is out of their minds. The Lakers landed Kareem after the Big O retired, but they didn't win until they drafted the kid out of Michigan State with the big smile. Magic truly loved the game. He made everyone around him better and won a title in his rookie year, including the Finals MVP. In those 1980 Finals, Kareem went down with a badly sprained ankle and the 6'9" Johnson was asked to step in at center in Game 6 with LA up three games to two. Magic responded with 42 points, 15 rebounds, and seven assists. His rivalry with Larry Bird saved the NBA from being an afterthought. Johnson dazzled fans with his passes, steals, clutch shots, and, of course, that infectious smile.