Stats: 27.0 PPG 6.7 APG 5.8 RPG
Accomplishments: 14x All-Star, 1x Finals MVP, 12x All-NBA, 5x All-Defense, 1x Champion, Member of the Hall of Fame
Teams: Lakers

Yes, Jerry West was a point guard, or at least that's what Basketball-Reference says. The Logo and Gail Goodrich shared floor general duties for the Lakers, with West doing most of the heavy lifting. West averaged nearly seven dimes for his career while scoring nearly 30 points per game all while helping the Lakers make nine Finals appearances. He was dangerous in the open floor because opponents didn't know whether he was going to pass it to one of his Hall of Fame teammates or pull up for an always automatic jumper.

Despite his team's failures in the Finals, West was still nicknamed Mr. Clutch. It's not his fault that that the Celtics had a starting five of Hall of Famers. He's not handling the rock in the NBA logo by mistake.