Stats: 19.2 PPG 9.3 APG 3.6 RPG 1.9 SPG
Accomplishments: All-Rookie Team, 12x All-Star, 1x Finals MVP, 5x All-NBA, 2x Assist Leader, 2x NBA Champion, Member of Hall of Fame
Teams: Pistons

Zeke was unstoppable. At 6'1', 180 pounds, he was (and still is) one of the game's greatest villains. It was his team that a young, talented Micheal Jordan couldn't beat. It was his team that won two straight championships in the Magic, Bird, and Jordan era. The Bad Boy Pistons don't get enough shine for that fact. Thomas was fearless on the basketball court and that attitude rubbed off on his team. He played with stitches on his head, badly sprained ankles, it didn't matter, Isiah didn't give a fuck. He was going to win and that's all that mattered.