Sport: Basketball
Career Years: 1984-1995
Career Lowlight: Breaks leg walking around during shootaround prior to a 1987-88 preseason game.

Poor Sam Bowie. He was actually really good at Kentucky, and today his No. 31 hangs in the rafters at Rupp Arena. Unfortunately, when you're drafted ahead of Michael Jordan, "really good" isn't going to cut it. This former No. 2 overall pick had a decent go of it in the NBA (he was on the All-Rookie Team in 1984) until his career was ruined by health problems. In his final three seasons playing for the Portland Trail Blazers, Bowie played in just 63 of a possible 328 games. Unfortunately for the Blazers, this would not be their last dalliance with a promising center who would instead become a punch line in raps.