Sport: Basketball
Career Years: 1999-2007
Career Lowlight: Pleads guilty to attempted rape of his children's nanny in 2001.

Of all the early-2000s "Jail Blazers," Patterson probably had the most diverse arrest record. He also got punched in the face by teammate Zach Randolph and refused to come back into a game because "the devil hit me and told me to get it out." He was arrested for attempted rape in 2000, misdemeanor assault in 2001, felony domestic abuse in 2002 and most recently a DUI in 2010. He also proved to be just as erratic when it came to basketball-related matters as well, nicknaming himself "The Kobe Stopper" because he thought he could play better defense than anyone else in the league on the Lakers' star. That claim was, at best, inaccurate.