In 1995, OJ may have beat the rap for murder (therefore putting that issue to rest once and for all) but he couldn't beat a civil lawsuit brought about by Ronald Goldman's family, that came to a conclusion on February 5, 1997. On that day, O.J. was found liable for a wrongful death of and battery against Goldman and battery against his ex-wife Nicole Brown. The Juice was ordered to pay $33.5 million in damages. The ultimate consequence of this was O.J. moving from California to Florida to avoid having his NFL pension garnished to pay the Goldman's. Years later the Goldman's got a paltry sum when O.J. inexplicably ghost wrote If I Did Itexplaining how he would "hypothetically" kill the two.

On a much lighter note, reigning NBA Rookie of the Year, Allen Iverson was arrested on gun and marijuana possession charges. Not really a big deal when compared to OJ. Or his sad life these days.