In basketball, we all have bad shooting games, here and there. Today, President Barack Obama went through an awfully bad slump when four Wizards players, John WallBradley Beal, Nene and Emeka Okafor, visited the White House and played a pick-up game against the 44th President of the United States after the annual Easter egg roll event. Now, according to CSN Washington's J. Michael, Obama ended up missing 13 straight shots while ABC News is saying that Barack had 18 consecutive missed attempts.

Here's what the visiting Wizards players had to say about Obama's shooting performance: 

“People got nervous at the moment,” Nene said as the President kept missing. “The message is never quit. He made the last shot. It took a while, but he made the last shot.”

Beal blushed when talking about it.

“He missed a lot in a row. We told him to move in a little bit. He missed a lay up. It got out of control,” Beal said. “He was in slacks and he had a collared shirt on. He’s got a few excuses he can use. It was my first time ever going over there. …. That’s a tremendous thing. Not a lot of people have that honor.”

ABC News said that, in the end, Obama went 2/22 from the field. Yikes! But, honestly, we'd rather have the President work on fixing the nation than his jumper. #justsaying  

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[via ABC News]