In his latest book, Phil Jackson reveals he not only had prostate cancer in 2011, but that he informed his team of the news prior to their conference semis match-up against the Dallas Mavericks. When Phil sensed that his guys were "lacking something," he decided to make the revelation to the entire team in a video session after privately telling team captains Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher beforehand. 

If you remember how that series unfolded, then you know that there was no motivation that came out of The Zen Master's disclosure. As Pau Gasol puts it, “as much as I love Phil and I appreciate everything about him, it was difficult to know.” It showed because L.A. was swept by the Mavs and bounced from postseason play. 

Nowadays, it's safe to assume that the cancer has been treated. But, going back to Phil's revelation, do y'all think it was a good choice for Jackson to tell the team when he did?  

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[via The Big Lead]