Using the phrase "no homo" is no bueno if you're a professional athlete. And Boston Bruins right winger Tyler Seguin found that out the hard way last night when he sent out this tweet:

The tweet, which has since been deleted, was removed a short time later. But, in the time that it was up, it offended a number of Twitter users. And, eventually, Seguin was forced to issue an apology today:

So cased closed, right? Eh, as far as Seguin is concerned, yes. But this story has also had a nasty unintended side effect. In addition to people chastising Segion for his tweet, comments sections on blogs all across the Internet have been flooded with people trying to defend Seguin or, worse, leaving homophobic messages in reference to this story. Just check out a few of the comments we were able to track down on Yahoo! Sports blog Puck Daddy:

Yikes. Sounds like Seguin isn't the only person who should be apologizing right now. Seriously, folks?!

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[via Puck Daddy]