A new study by Erie Insurance Group has pointed out that while cell phones are at the center of many distracted driving deaths, daydreaming is actually the number one culprit. An analysis of police data showed that being "lost in thought" was the distraction that caused the accident 62% of the time, while cell phone use was only reported 12% of the time.

We think that a lot of people just didn't fess up to using a cell phone; if it goes to court, everybody knows that will count against them. Other significant sources of motor failing were rubbernecking, conversation, eating/drinking, and stuff moving around the inside of the car, like pets.

We recommend you put down the cell phone, stop thinking of those paparazzi pics of Rihanna, quit staring at the dancing hobo on the shoulder, and put Lady Fluffyfeet in her damn cat carrier.


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[via Bloomberg]