One day, Michael Vick's brother Marcus Vick is going to appear in the news for doing something really great. Today is not that day.

Recently, a judge issued a warrant for the younger Vick's arrest after he skipped several court dates pertaining to a lawsuit that he failed to settle back in 2008. Apparently, he still owes approximately $40,000 to a woman that he promised to pay. And that's not the only reason he's making headlines, either.

In addition to the legal trouble, Vick is also in the news (again!) for sending out a controversial tweet earlier this week. It seems to insinuate that players on the Arizona Cardinals are gay:

SMH. Like we said, one day Marcus Vick is going to make news for something that's not negative. Until that day, we'll keep on running with what he's providing for us for now. 

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[via Pro Football Talk]