Nearly two weeks ago, the Boston Marathon was brought to a screeching halt, when Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev set off bombs near the finish line. Following the attack, the two brothers carjacked a man named "Danny" in his Mercedes-Benz M-Class. Reports have said that the brothers held Danny for around 90 minutes before planning to drive to New York City for another attack. Danny escaped during a stop for gas and found the police. This is all info we already knew. However, new information has surfaced about exactly how the police caught the two. 

Apparently, Danny gave the cops permission to activate the mbrace technology on his Mercedes-Benz, which allowed them to track the car down to its exact coordinates. This is just one of many features of the mbrace system, which can also remote start the vehicle and remotely unlock the vehicle. This is one of those times when the big brother effect really came in handy. 

[via Autoblog]