Joe Budden has been a curious car case. He's always shown an immense love and fascination with vehicles, consistently rapping about them, but his main ride has always been a Cadillac Escalade Platinum. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. 'Lades, especially the Platinum trims, are extremely luxurious, and are perfect for, you know, the other three dudes in his crew. We've just always wondered why he didn't have a sports car of some sort. This past month, he finally got one. 

He was in a Bentley dealership, asking his followers whether or not he should get a Bentley Continental GT or GTC, coupe or convertible, to those who don't know the language. He didn't post about which one he got, but we're sure we'll see on his Twitter soon enough. Check out the other types of cars Joey loves with Budden's 25 Best Rides Photos on Instagram

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