ESPN The Magazine’s 10th annual NFL Pre-Draft Party attracted plenty of current NFL superstars, retired greats, celebrities, and of course, hopeful draftees. An event that’s become a spectacle in itself leading up to the NFL draft, the Pre-Draft Party is an event to see and be seen. An opportunity for local media to grill prospects on how their coping with the cameras and bright lights of New York City, as well as the anticipation of where there about to start their NFL careers. Plenty of stars were on hand including Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants, and Ray Rice of the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens.

It’s not just the players who turn out to this show though, celebrities like Tyson Beckford and Fatman Scoop also found their way to the red carpet. Along with ESPN personalities like Cari Champion and Michael Smith, who have become media celebrities in their own right, the night was filled with excitement for top prospects and warm exchanges among current NFL elite. Ice T and Coco even made an appearance.

Interview by Adam Silvers (@silversurfer103) 

What’s the best part about coming out for the Pre-Draft party? 

Fatman Scoop:

You got a bunch of young guys who are about to take it to the next level. Tomorrow’s the Draft, why not have a celebration? But you know they have to go home early, you can’t drink, all the NFL teams are watching. This is money for us, but at their expense. 
What are you working on right now? 
I’m doing a bunch of different things. Doing some TV things, I have a bunch of mixtapes coming out, which is something you have to do in today's environment. I had a TV show with my wife and we’re getting ready to do something different, not as reality TV driven, more comedic. 
Giants RB, David Wilson:
You had a breakout season last year, what do you see for the Giants backfield this year?
All the running backs are working hard, we take great pride in the running game. Eli is a great quarterback, and in order for him to succeed you definitely have to have options. We definitely want the running game to be an option to take some stress off the passing game. 

Is the backflip celebration going anywhere? 

Nah, it’s not going nowhere. It left for a little while, actually it didn’t, my next touchdown I still did it. I’m going to keep doing it until I can’t do it no more. 

Giants CB, Prince Amukamara: 

What was the biggest problem for the Giants secondary last season?

Inconsistency and miscommunication are factors that contributed to our downplay last season. That’s what we’ve been correcting in the offseason and hopefully we’ll see improvement. 

What’s the hardest part about going from the high of winning a Super Bowl to not making the playoffs the following season? 

It’s part of the game, but the Super Bowl is here next year, so hopefully it’s a different story. 

Ravens DE, Chris Canty: 

You took your time to sign with a new team, where you weighing your options? 

I wanted to find the situation that was best for me, a situation where I could compete for a championship. At this stage in the game if you’re not competing for a championship, what are you doing? Guys like me had an opportunity to make some money, had an opportunity to win a championship in my hometown, and I want to win another one. I think the Baltimore Ravens represent the best chance to do that. 

Giants CB, Aaron Ross: 

What do you think the Giants need to improve in order to make sure you guys get back to the playoffs? 

I think we need to be more consistent, that’s the main thing. There were games I was watching last year where guys had great games, and then there were games where it looked like sometimes it just broke down. If we can be more consistent this year we’ll be alright. 

What’s the hardest part about going from Super Bowl champions, to not making the playoffs? 

That’s hard. The number one team to not even making the top eight. It’s very disappointing but I’m sure Coach Coughlin is going to have us back on track, and I can already tell that the guys have that hunger back in their eyes. We should be alright this year. 

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