Interview: NFL Draft Picks Talk About The Week Leading Up To The Draft And The Transition From College To The Pros

Interview: NFL Draft Picks Talk About The Week Leading Up To The Draft And The Transition From College To The Pros

What are you going to miss the most about college?

Barkevious MingoI had the privilege to play at LSU. At LSU we had 93,000 every week. I hear it doesn’t get that big at some of the NFL stadiums, but that was one of the things I’ll miss. Especially, Death Valley, that’s an incredible stadium to play at. We had a loyal fanbase. They came out always loud and they helped us win. That will be one of the things I’ll miss depending where I go, so I can’t tell you exactly.

Dee Milliner: Playing on the field of Bryant Denney, my teammates, coaches, and the fans. They gave me a lot of support throughout the process.

Chance Warmack: Just a group of guys playing for one particular goal, a national championship, a bowl game, or a winning streak. You miss those things, and that’s probably what I will miss the most.

D.J. Fluker: I’m going to miss walking across that stage and getting my degree. I’ll probably do it over because I’m going to go back and get my Master’s degree. Other than that, winning three championships at the University of Alabama will be what I miss the most.

Xavier Floyd: I’m not going to miss much. I’ll probably miss the brotherhood aspect. Overall, I won’t miss much because I accomplished what I accomplished in college, but now it’s time for me to move on. Other than that, the boys I played with, the bond we had is what I will miss. I won’t be there fighting for my boys when they play on Saturdays. I’m going to have a new family on Sundays.

What are you listening to right now?

Barkevious MingoI listen to everything. My iPod is filled with a wide range of songs. Rap, hip-hop, pop, a little country. I’m from Louisiana, I’m from the country, so you gotta throw a little country in there.

Dee Milliner: T.I., Jay-Z, Kanye, and Diddy. I like a couple Atlanta rappers like Future.

Chance Warmack: Man, I was listening to Foo Fighters’ new album on the plane. I was jamming to that. I listen to a whole bunch of music. I like Kanye West, Meek Mill, and Lil Wayne.

D.J. Fluker: I listen to Meek Mill. I listen to Dreamchasers and Dreams & Nightmares. Meek’s always loud and hype, but his music is inspirational to me. Meek’s music inspires people to keep on fighting for what you want in life. Everybody gets an opportunity and a shot at something that they love doing.

Kenny Vaccaro: Right now a lot of Meek Mill. I’m a Meek fan. He gets me crunk and live. I always listen to Drake, he always puts out fire. A lot of MMG. That’s the only thing that’s hot right now. Meek speaks the truth.

Xavier Rhodes: Anything that catches my ear currently. I don’t have a dynamic artist I listen to. I listen to everybody. If it sounds good to me I’ll try it. That’s how I act with everything.

What gift did you like the most walking around the Sean John Gifting Suite?

Barkevious Mingo: Just being able to come through and see these different companies and interact with these people. It’s fun to come here and do this kind of stuff.

Chance Warmack: Everything man. Everybody showed a lot of love with what they were doing, and I felt like they’re just nice people. It’s good to be around good people, and it’s fun to experience the thing that I’m experiencing, and hopefully I can continue to do that in the future.

Xavier Rhodes: I like it all. Nothing beats free, so I like it all.

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