Profusion Exotic Cars, a small-scale Indian sports car company, is preparing to make an entry into the local market this month. 

Profusion, which specializes in track-only sports cars, will kick-off with the street-legal Typhoon (pictured above), a sleek two-seater featuring a 2L engine capable of producing about 145 hp.

“Each car will have the option of being customized to individual needs, right from the seat fitting, the colors, the alloys, everything,” Chris Christoforou, managing director of Profusion, told a local reporter. ”We’re working very closely with Red Rooster Racing from Bangalore to get the Typhoon ready for launch. With the Typhoon, we want to offer customers a unique experience of having a car that can be used on the track as well as on the road.”

If only we could get this little road rocket in the U.S.!

[via ProfusionExoticCars]

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