Apparently, Dennis Rodman didn't get the memo about how people were not happy with him for taking a trip to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong-un back in February. Otherwise, why in the world would he be planning yet another trip to North Korea to meet with the Supreme Leader?! During an interview recently, The Worm admitted that he's already planning on returning to North Korea in August and that he wants to "have some fun" with Kim Jong-un when he gets there.

"He just wants to be loved," he said. "He just wants to sit down and talk. That's all."

That's all?! And why does it have to be you that he sits down and talks to, Dennis? The first time you went over to North Korea, it was ridiculous…but amusing. This is just getting out of control now, though. Can't we convince you to hit up, like, a tropical island instead? We're sure you can "have some fun" there and stay on good terms with everyone back in the U.S. What do you say?

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[via Huffington Post]