DeAndre Jordan knows he sucks at shooting free throws. No, really, he does. Maybe you haven't realized this, but when he shoots free throws, HE SEES WHAT HAPPENS. He sees that most of the time (61 percent of time, to be exact), his free throws don't go in. And, you know what? He's tired of it. Both the misses and the reaction that people have to those misses.

"I'm aware of it," he told the Los Angeles Times recently. "I could understand it if I just didn't work on my free-throw shooting and I'm just going out there and saying, 'I just hope they go in.' That's what people don't understand. They're like, 'You should work on your free-throw shooting.' What the [heck] you think I'm doing? That's why I think some people are idiots…Do they think we really go out there—me or Dwight Howard or whoever—do you think we go out there and just try to miss them?"

Point taken. We'll cut you some slack. Just as long you're trying everything—maybe underhand will work better?!—to make your free throws, we'll STFU, okay?

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]