How so?

Two years ago I went to play golf at this celebrity thing and the first day of golf I was loving it. The second day was like, “I’m leaving, I’m never coming back! Take these,” (imitating a second person) “no D don’t leave, just stay put…” “No! I’m going home.” And I actually went home. Once you understand what they’re trying to do it becomes something that excites you. I can see the strategy and skill needed, that’s what hockey did to me. I love going live, but I really, really get what’s going on and when I watch it on TV, I can sit there and watch hockey.

So you understand all the rules and all that stuff like icing and offsides?

Right. And the defensive dudes that are put on a team just to fight. [Laughs] I love that. They get drafted to fight. You ain’t gotta score, you ain’t gotta defend, we’re just gonna put you out there when we need you to start a fight. I just love all the elements of it.

They sub on the fly too.

Yep, just to come out there and throw blows. Plus, what I think is exciting about hockey at the Garden and even basketball at the Garden is the Garden.

The Mecca.

You know, for what it’s worth, there’s the Brooklyn Nets arena. I’ve been there and it’s fine and everything but New York is the Garden, let’s get that straight.  MSG is the Mecca, the Temple, the Sacred Holy place. We respect what’s going on in Brooklyn but it’s the Garden.  MSG represents the N-Y-C.

Boxing too.

Boxing, yeah I forgot boxing. All the great matches and stuff like that. Once I was able to start going to Knicks and Rangers games, I started appreciating what the Garden means and what New York sports is.

What do you think about the Knicks right now?

That’s a great question. They were playing so well in the beginning of the season. They were moving the ball, they were defending. Felton came and brought us balance as well as Chandler defensively. I think what happened with them is that they had too many pieces so they couldn’t work out a consistent flow. And that’s just from me being a fan, you know what I’m saying? Because they have all the elements. I think that we shouldn’t use Wallace and all our old dudes as it gets closer to the playoffs because the older dudes could just jump for a rebound and get hurt [Laughs].

Who are you scared of in the playoffs?

Heat and Pacers.

Why the Pacers?

What’s scary about them is their defense. I’ve noticed that when they play, the final score is usually a low one like 82-75. And the games they lose aren’t high scoring either. I don’t like that. If they keep the consistency with their scoring, to me, the East is Heat, Pacers, Knicks.

OK. Let’s end this with a few words on the Garden of Dreams.

All we try to do with the Garden of Dreams is give opportunity to these kids, to give them hope. We're not trying to say a prayer for them. We're trying to get them where they're supposed to be.

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