On Friday morning, a man from Barrington, N.H. was heading to a job interview in a nearby town and needed directions. So he did what most Americans in his situation would do. He typed his destination into his GPS, hit start, and began driving. Now, he needs a new car—and his GPS is to blame.

The man, who was not identified, accidentally submerged his 2005 Pontiac Grand Am in a few feet of water on a flooded portion of a local road that connects Barrington to the town of Sanford. The road, which is not passable this time of year, should not have shown up on his GPS. But for whatever reason—maybe the man hasn't updated his GPS in awhile, maybe the GPS company hasn't updated their maps accordingly—the GPS took him on the road and drove him directly into large pool of water that had flooded the road. He was forced to get out, climb onto his roof, and wait for rescue workers to come to his aid.

Fortunately, the man wasn't hurt and he was rescued shortly after his car became disabled. But we bet that he'll be a little bit more careful the next time he decides to trust a GPS for directions.

[via Portland Press Herald]