1. Guy Pulls Out a Gun on Rednecks Who Picked On Him

Now this is karmic comedy gold. A couple of jealous self-described hicks taunt a "pretty city slicker" that's minding his business in his drop BMW with his chick. They think they're gonna tune the rich boy up when he mistakenly drives down a dead end. But, twist! "Johnny BMW" led the Clampetts right into a trap, where they get out with a bat only to see he was riding around with that Nina. A hilarious table-turn ensues when the hicks' tough talk quickly dies down and it's all stutters and "Hey man, chill out" while Johnny BMW victoriously rides off with a proud chick, their keys and - second twist! - the camera. Turns out he uploaded the video. City Slicker – 1 Hicks - -2.

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