Would Resemble:: Chris Christie 

While attending St. Vincent–St. Mary, NBA owners and general managers were salivating at the opportunity of getting LeBron James in the 2003 NBA Draft and hopefully turning their franchise around. In the same way, Chris Christie is looked at these days as the guy that could help the Republican party get back on their feet.

Both Christie and LeBron are seen as many negative things: arrogant at times, somewhat painfully outspoken, and borderline hated by a select few. However, both guys back up these assumptions. In LeBron's case, he's a hardworking individual who doesn't settle with being good. He wants to be great.

If King James were to commit himself to politics, he'll probably go through his growing pains, as would anyone else on this list, but throughout his years in the NBA, James has shown a desire to get better at every facet. Only problem is, LeBron would probably want to look at going up the political ladder in the English Parliament (or marry into the Royal Family) considering there he could actually be King James one day.