Would Resemble:: Fidel Castro

Kobe Bryant, the dictator? You better believe it! Just look at his track record. Since joining the Lakers in 1996, Bryant has slowly climbed his way to top of the totem pole and when opposition like Shaquille O'Neal tried to stand in his way of the throne, he forced them out of the situation. After taking over at the top of the Lake Show hierarchy, Kobe has essentially determined who stays and who goes, how their role factors onto the team, and created an environment stricken with lame faces and sadness. We see you, Dwight Howard.

If he were to assume a role in politics, Kobe would not only snake (get it?) his way to the top, but once he was in power, KB would dictate how things are done to his liking. Kobe wouldn't work alongside his constituents for long because, at the end of the day, it's Mamba's way or the highway. But there may be a bright sign. As Bryant has gotten older, he has shown change and a willingness to conform. However, we're not sure this is a sign of the older, more mature Kobe or just a temporary change of heart. Key word: temporary.