The current generation of Mercedes S-Class didn't seem to be quite as amazing as the prior ones. Yes, it was lovely, but it never seemed to lead the world like the previous ones did. We think this was because Mercedes was actively trying to make room above for the Maybach line-up, but now that Maybach is over, the S-Class can retake the Daimler throne.

The result is this absolutely stunning interior. It's not all just a brilliant show of modern design and luxury though, it also features 'hot stone' massage seats, ionized and lightly perfumed air, reclining rear seats, an all new Frontbass sound system, and a screen in the front that displays different images to the driver and passenger.

If what Mercedes interior designers told us almost two years ago at the design center in Germany panned out, you can expect to see an all new automotive-grade silk as an optional seating material as well.

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[via Mercedes-Benz