When: 10/06/2005

Back in October of 2005, 17 members of the Minnesota Vikings including Daunte Culpepper, Pat and Kevin Williams, and Fred Smoot rented out two boats on Lake Minnetonka. On said boat it was alleged that multiple sex acts took place in the open. According to the reports players and women on the boat took part in masturbation, anal sex, oral sex, double penetration, and urination. Smoot and Bryant McKinnie plead guilty to disorderly conduct where they faced community service and fines. Is this something a lot of pro athletes or teams do? Is there some sort of subculture in the league for this kind of stuff?

Verdict: This specific "Love Boat" was a one time event, but more events that aren't quite as reckless are probably happening all of the time. We could easily see players renting out boats or hotel suites for parties of a sexual nature. Remember the rumor about Dwyane Wade's weed-laced orgy?  Culpepper's "Get your roll on" dance was never the same.