When: Ongoing

If you've been anywhere near ESPN over the past few months, you've seen your fair share of the great Ray Lewis. Inspiring and intense are words not even close to being good enough to describe his demeanor and the degrees to which he goes emotionally. Recently, the question has been asked, "Is this all real, or is this for show?" There aren't a lot of people walking around like Ray Lewis so this is fair in that sense, but he does seem to generally have a genuine appeal people love. At times, media members have said they believe he is trying to play up his religion or emotion to gain more notoriety, while others feel it's just how Lewis is.

Verdict: Sure Ray Lewis is not like every other guy out there and does have a great intensity about him, but it would be ridiculous to think he isn't mindful of the cameras are watching when he does some of the things he does. He also plays professional football which requires a little more emotion from it's players than working as an investment banker. Ray's definitely a different being, but he's also someone who knows how the business aspect of sports works as well. But whatever he's doing works. Didn't the Ravens just win the Super Bowl?