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This one's something that's probably crossed the minds of most male fans at some point: Did the guy who just caught that mean alley-oop or rush for 160 yards and two TDs have sex that day? Considering the surplus of groupies in this day and age, it's not like most of those guys would have trouble finding some. But then there lies the question: Will having sex negatively or positively impact your athletic performance? Muhammad Ali would give up having sex for six weeks before his fights in order to maintain focus and keep energy up. Others have claimed sex has had positive impacts on their game as it has upped their level of aggression and confidence that they can channel in their respective fields.

Verdict: There's got to be something to the fact that the Olympic Committee distributed 150,000 condoms to athletes in the London 2012 games. Doing the nasty in moderation can increase testosterone levels which can aid certain types of athletes, and surely there have been players who've been a little "tired out" after some late night love sessions. We think it'd be idiotic to think it has no affect on athletes, because it can have such a huge effect on regular people. We'll never know how Wilt did it.